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Results for Jan-May 2017

Certificates for JAN-MAY 2017 term are ready and students are requested to collect the same from CCE office by surrendering ID cards.

Course No. 2. Innovative Product Development and Design Methods

Course No. 3. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Applications

Course No. 4. Project Management

Course No. 5. Renewable Energy Resources Principles Technology and Utilization

Course No. 10. Service Design Thinking

Course No. 11. Strategic Management

Course No. 14. Introduction to Numerical Grid Generation & Fluid Flow Computations

Course No. 15. Vibration and Noise Control in Engineering Structures and Systems

Course No. 16. Machine Learning of Sensory Signals

Course No. 17. Neural Networks for Signal Processing 1

Course No. 20. Industrial Internet of Things IIoT

Course No. 21. Structural Analysis and Design Optimization of Engineering Structures and Systems

Course No. 23. Basic Concepts of Finite Element Method

Course No. 24. Basics of Data Alalytics

Course No. 25. Basic Level French Language

Course No. 30. Performance Modeling and Simulation

Course No. 32. Smart Design Methods and Processes in Automotive Industry

Course No. 33. Wireless LANS Concepts Installation Troubleshooting and Testing

Course No. 35. Online Course on Machine Learning for Sensory Signals