"I congratulate PROFICIENCE on completing 25 years of service to the engineering community. It has been responsible for giving continuing education to engineers who need to enhance their knowledge in order to stay abreast of the changes in science technology. This has made them keep abreast in their jobs and also go ahead and in their careers and keep pace with the competition in the global economy.

I found that the Staff of the PROFICIENCE course were very professional in their work. They were very kind to the Instructors. They showed a lot of respect to the Instructors. The announcements would come out without any errors. The arrangements for the classes and the exams were done meticulously and the payments of remuneration was done very regularly.

We enjoyed teaching and would like to teach when I retire.

We fee that PROFICIENCE is doing Yeomen service to the society of engineers, scientists, and industries.

We wish you celebrate more jubilees and go from strength to strength.."